The Well

Completed in 2004, The Well at Williston State College is home to the Teton Basketball and Volleyball teams. The 2,400 seat arena boasts 600 reserved seats, end to end bleachers, a walking track and two full concession booths.

Prominently featured on the playing surface is the name "Terry Olson". The court was named after the longtime coach, who spent 26 years building the basketball program into a regional and nationally recognized junior college power.

The Well name came from former Teton Baseball coach, Phil Rabon. After seeing the arena, he insisted that it be referred to as "The Well", using the following rational: 1. The gym is dug into the ground as people entering the gym come in at the top level and walk down to the seating areas and down to the playing surface. 2. The community of Williston is in the heart of the Bakken Oil Field, also known as the Williston Basin. It is one of the largest oil reserves in the world. An oil well in this region is a common site, so the naming of the gymnasium after such a recognizable feature in the community was a natural correlation.